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About Us

Emerging Energy Systems (Pvt) Ltd is a leading solution provider in the alternate energy and energy conservation sector. Offering a wide range of products and services, EES currently has an established presence across the Middle East, South Asia and North America. As an organization that manufactures and supplies solar and wind powered equipment and energy conservation products and systems, EES aims to provide its clients solutions complete with consultancy, design, installation and support services.

With an extensive range of in-house and outsourcing capabilities, we offer outstanding advantage and value for our clients. EES aims to counter the growing energy shortages, rising costs energy production, depletion of fuels and the extensive environmental damage that conventional energy production mechanisms are causing. Although the organization's primary focus is on spreading the use of solar and wind powered systems, EES also deals with technologies such as energy efficient airconditioning, hydel, bio-fuels and hybrid systems that employ mutiple technolgies.

EES is your own household name for the best solutions in alternate energy solutions – solar energy, wind energy and bio-diesel. We are a global group with a commitment to provide pollution free products to make our environment greener and cleaner.