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We offer pure sine wave inverters ranging from 100W up to 150kW at voltages rated from 12 to 220.

The greatest advantage of a sine wave inverter is its functionality with everyday appliances. All equipment/appliances are specifically designed for a sine wave, which guarantees that the equipment/appliance will work to its full specifications. Some appliances, such as motors and microwave ovens will only produce full output with sine wave power. A few other appliances, such as bread makers, light dimmers, and some battery chargers require a sine wave to work at all.



Our sine wave inverter is characterized by its high efficiency, low harmonic content, and load adaptability. Products combine the features of solar applications, using single‐chip design, the circuit has improved abnormal state protection, can ensure a reliable system of long‐term work.

The sine wave inverter uses direct digital (DDC) control technology, computing and control products to further improve accuracy, sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) for linear digital signal. Line control structure is simple. The control software enhances and improves the product reliability. Inverter using the latest fullbridge MOSFET power module combination of the whole system is simple, using high frequency transformer isolated input and output of the products run more secure, internal and external structure of the use of anti‐vibration design, the protection of products in the stable operation under special circumstances.