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We offer a wide range of solar panels rating from 5W to 200W.

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SunOasis Photovoltaic Panels

Our mono/poly-crystalline silicon solar panels consist of highly efficient crystalline silicon solar cell in series and parallel as well as is made up of high luminous, low toughened steel glass, ageing resistance EVA and is pressurized by excellent fire endurance TPT. In addition, it is equipped with anode high quality aluminum alloy side frame, resulting in high efficiency, long lifespan, easy installation, and strong resistance to extreme weather conditions (wind, hailstone, etc).

The performance of the our products comply with international standards and have been inspected by professional and authorized inspection organizations. Our products are broadly applicable for roof systems designed for solar PV power stations, communication, telecommunication relay stations, petroleum, sea, weather, road traffic, solar buildings, space projects, home use, and other fields. Our company has already certified with ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004,. Our products have also been certified by TUV, IEC, CE and VDE international authorized verification.

Each circuit of crystalline silicon solar cell of solar panel is installed with a bypass diode to prevent from reverse hotpot effect.

PV Module of crystal silicon is a generating set, which can directly convert solar power into D/C electric energy. According to the customer’s different requirements on power and voltage, it is made into solar modules. It can supply more power output by connecting a number of solar modules in series and parallel to meet the requirement of current and voltage. SunOasis PV modules use high efficient crystal silicon (mono‐crystalline silicon or poly‐crystalline silicon) that make up the solar cell, EVA coating, iron‐thinned toughened glass and TPT.

It adopts an advanced and reliable far‐infrared automatic welding technique (high vacuum heating lay‐pressure craftwork), anode oxidation treatment, aluminum alloy side frame, and water‐proof cable box. It is characterized with an anti-ultraviolent structure, as well as resistance to ageing and extreme weather conditions of 2400 Mpa.

Prominent Quality
The original product structure and design is from BP Solar, spanning a period of thirty years of professional research and development. Before production, all features and index are strictly built‐in, tested and internationally certified to guarantee better security with a longer life period. Based on this, we are able to provide:

Our products are certified by the following International Agencies:

Production equipment
Our domestic solar energy modules production streamline is manufactured using: fully‐automatic far infrared photic welding machine, fully‐automatic layer‐pressure machine, fully‐automatic side‐frame plasma‐pumped machine, fully‐automatic solar module detector, fully‐automatic frame‐built machine, fully‐automatic packing machine, and related stream working devices and connecting parts; key device origin from Japan and USA.

Raw material
We use raw materials for producing modules imported from abroad. For solar cells, the main providers are BP, Qcell who are well‐known cell producer in the world. Toughened glass is purchased from AFG Pikington, Sanceban, which are then enhanced for efficiency of modules through increasing sunlight reflection and utility on the surface of glass.

Reliable craftwork protection
Our craftsmanship is guided by engineers of BP Solar on spot. We also adopt experience of producing module for more than 30 years through our joint venture with BP Solar, in order to execute globally and uniformly severe inspection standard for PV modules, and assure each product to meet quality requirements of authority certificate. Aluminum side frame is imported from abroad. It is firstly manufactured, oxidizing the rear size, and then the surface of segmentation is protected by oxidation layer.

Glass cleaning is done by fully‐automatic glass‐cleaning machine made by SPIRE Corporation in USA. Series welding is through test welding effect by extensive power experiment. For layer‐pressure, regular testing is done in terms of EVA glue‐connecting degree and connecting intensity. Infrared inspection is conducted on injury so as to check up cracks that are not easy to detect inside battery.