Wind Systems



Wind Turbine Systems

A wind turbine generator system is an ideal power supply for domestic, agricultural farming, industrial, and communal uses, as well as for other places with good wind resources. By installing a wind turbine generator system, you can produce energy in an ecological way, and therefore save essential energy resources.

Depending on the environmental conditions such as seasonal wind speeds, and wind speeds available in different parts of the world, there are many possible application configurations for wind turbines.

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Wind Turbine Sizes

We offer the following standard sizes of wind turbines (click for specifications):

For specifications or information regarding a wind turbine that is not listed above, please e-mail us.

Our wind turbine systems are generally comprised of the following components:

1- Blades (3 pieces)
2- Hub (1 piece)
3- Nose cone (1 piece)
4- Anemometer/dogvane (1 piece each,non-integrated)
5- Generator (1 piece)
6- Hydraulic tower (3 sections) [or free-standing tower]
7- Electrical hydraulic pump (1 set) [if hydraulic tower is used]
8- Cylinder (1 set)
9- Dumploader (1 piece)
10-Controller (1 set)
11-Off-grid inverter (1 set)
12-Tower accessories (1 set)
13-Cable from generator to controller (30 cores: 20m, 3 cores: 20m)